Bento Paradise - Kappabashi Market

Here is a small selection of the bento boxes, jubako and other containers available at Kappabashi Market in Tokyo.

Kappabashi Market, Tokyo

Kappabashi Market is best known for selling of plastic food models, but they also have many other things including cooking and food serving supplies, many bento boxes and accessories.
If you've ever been to a sushi restaurant and seen those plastic displays of different types of sushi, this is the type of place to purchase those. They also have keychains and other novelty items made with the display food.

PACSEC Bento Day 2

Bento2, originally uploaded by kkadow.

PacSec Lunch Day two. Slightly different. Tokyo, Japan.

PACSEC Lunch Break

Bento Lunch, originally uploaded by kkadow.

PacSec conference lunch break. At Aoyama Diamond Hall in Tokyo, Japan.


KUL-bento, originally uploaded by kkadow.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Mall Sushi

Close up of detail